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Stork Vitals+
Boot | Sensor | Camera | App
Everything you need to watch over your baby. Get to know your baby better with continuous health indicators, high-resolution video, and crisp two-way audio.
Stork Vitals
Boot | Sensor | Hub | App
Stay on top of your baby’s wellness and room conditions. Use the Stork app to check your baby’s health data, which uses the same technology that has been monitoring babies in hospitals for over 30 years. The Stork hub relays this data to the Stork app, and its two-way audio lets you listen to and soothe your baby any time, from anywhere.
Stork Camera
Camera | App
See that your baby is comfortable. This 2K quad high-definition (QHD)-capable, high-resolution camera exceeds the video resolution of other leaders in smart home baby tracking. Equipped with zoom in and pan out functions, room condition monitoring, and two-way audio with lullaby features, Stork Camera lets you see, listen, and talk to your baby any time, from anywhere.

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Stork Vitals Plus

Stork vitals+

Boot  |  Camera  |  App

Secure remote access

Clear two-way audio

Continuous health indicators

2k quad high-definition(QHD) resolution

Our most complete offering: Best for both video and continuous health tracking

Stork Vitals

Stork vitals

Boot  |  Hub  |  App

Secure remote access

Continuous health indicators

Best for parents only needing continuous health tracking and audio

Stork Camera

Stork camera

Camera  |  App

Secure remote access

Clear two-way audio

2k quad high-definition(QHD) resolution

Best for parents only needing video and audio

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Not intended for use as a medical device or to replace a medical device. Do not use it to diagnose, cure, treat, alleviate, or prevent any disease or health condition.