Masimo Receives FDA Clearance for Stork™ Baby Monitoring System

Masimo Announces FDA Clearance of Stork for Prescription Use with Babies
0-18 Months of Age.

Prescription Use of Stork Provides Alarms When Baby’s Oxygen Saturation and Pulse Rate Are Abnormal

Leveraging the same Masimo sensor technology that monitors more than 10 million babies in hospitals every year, Stork provides continuous, accurate monitoring of a baby’s health. Stork is available at retailers nationwide as a non-medical device for general health and wellness purposes. With this clearance, Stork is now available for prescription use to continuously monitor babies at home as a medical device for healthy or sick babies.

When prescribed, parents and family members will now be able to receive alarms through the Stork app regarding their baby’s oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate (PR), and skin temperature. In addition, they will be able to share vital signs data remotely with clinicians. Stork also alerts parents if their baby turns over and is sleeping face down, which can be dangerous for babies.


A Revolutionary Smart Home
Baby Monitoring System

Alongside this clearance, Stork’s software is being upgraded for all applicable users* with a key additional feature, the ability to review historical video footage of their baby, in addition to tracking trends in vital signs data. Additionally, Stork will offer instant access to a library of informative articles designed to educate new parents about the baby’s health and well-being. More details for prescription use of Stork are coming in 2024.

For non-medical use, Masimo Stork bundles continue to be available for purchase here, at, and on shelves at major and specialty U.S. retailers.

To access Masimo Stork’s FDA-cleared features, parents should discuss Stork with their child’s primary care physician.

*Historical video footage available only to Stork Vitals+ and Stork Camera owners. Vital signs data trends available only to Stork Vitals+ and Stork Vitals owners.

Note: The camera requires internet connection. Phone not included.